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My chicken is hurt

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Hey everyone. I'm new to chickens and I've had my first one for 3days and something already bad happened:/ i came home from work and my chicken couldn't walk. She was dragging her left leg behind her when she'd try to move. When she does move she flaps her wings really hard and stumbles, any suggestions? No vet in my area will see chickens:/
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Is it possible she could have gotten it caught in the fence? It sounds like an acute injury like a sprain or break. Have you felt her foot to try and feel the bones? If you help her and position her foot will she bear weight at all? 


I have heard of people making makeshift splints or securing their leg to them with vetwrap so it can heal (sort of like a cast or brace). Check her out really good and make sure now that the others aren't picking on her and that she has easy access to food and water. Sometimes the sick or injured ones get pushed out of the feed and waterers and are picked at.


Keep us posted, she's a beautiful little girl.

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Thank you for your reply! I only put her in the fence to see if she'd walk. She is with one another hen and they do amazing together. When she falls and can't get up the other one helps push her back up and pushes her to the food and water. So I'm glad they are close:) i wrapped her leg and am treating her for spraddle leg in hopes that would help!
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