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Yes. Those would probably do really well. Do you think they would climb up and over or are they more of a bush like a lilac?

Honeysuckles are mostly vines (I think there is one that is a shrub). There is one version that is VERY aggressive, so don't get that one. But there are other Honeysuckle vines that are more well behaved.


Japanese Honeysuckle: VERY aggressive, considered invasive.

Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle (Lonicera x brownie 'Dropmore Scarlet'): not aggressive- grows to 10-20 feet.

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Really toxic plants will be fine in the yard, the chickens will avoid them.  However, in a confined space like a run, they certainly might eat the wrong thing.  Mary

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Thanks everyone. I try to plant all my vines in some sort of container or raised beds. Here, blackberries eat anything that doesn't move if you don't work very hard to keep them managed. If I chose honeysuckle it would likely go in a whiskey barrel planter. I am glad I asked about the plants, I have never had animals fenced in before and it definitely is a whole different ball game to manage them.
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I should have spent more time getting to know the BYC site before creating this thread, because this page would have saved me so much time asking and waiting for replys :)


Just in case anyone else is wondering:

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Lilacs are a good one!

I'll add Rose of Sharon because the leaves and flowers are safe and rich in calcium.

I've got one on my run surrounded by wire, which I'll remove when it is tall enough. They'll strip the base, of course.
They can get quite tall, depending on the species,  but are easily pruned.

My birds leave the iris leaves alone but picked off each flower bud. we've had good luck with a lot of herbs, raspberries, blackberries, forsythia, fruit trees and maples. We don't have many birds though in the run.
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I have 43, with more on the way so I am trying to stay ahead of the game.  We rotate them through different runs now, and once they are established layers (in their nesting boxes) they will be allowed to free range during the day. We have to keep them cooped at night as we have a abundance of predators. Winters here are so wet that it is hard to keep the mud down. I was hoping by keeping it landscaped so to speak I would be able to keep the mud down a bit.

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I have planted banana leaf plants on the outside of my run.  I have small fencing wire that they can not peck through to keep them from trying to munch.  They grow as tall as the coop so provide shade and when I water it keeps the ground cool.  When they are out free ranging they don't bother the plants.  I have some decorative fencing around them.  Seems to help me.  This is my second year I have had them.

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My chooks ate everything I've planted except fennel and vinca...the vinca has taken over my yard, but still looks nice and green. I also live in the PNW and have to deal with mud. The vinca seems to give my girls a place to shelter when it's warm, holds the soil when it's wet and still looks good all year.
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What type of climate do you have where you live? I know Elephant Ears grow well here, but I am not sure about the banana leaf plants.

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I have encountered the same problem as everyone has.  When I let my chickens free range they are happiest and lay more larger eggs.  But they destroy all flower gardens and have a grand time spreading the mulch around my trees everywhere but where I want it and foxes can take a toll.  I have been considering using the "chicken tractor" system so the enclosure can be moved around my yard but they won't get to my gardens and mulch.  I haven't decided to do it so I'm not sure it will be worth it, but it is an alternative.


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