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BA rooster with broken toes?

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This morning I noticed one of my roosters appears to have several broken toes. The situation does not appear to be impeding his dally life, but it sure looks uncomfortable. He was able to evade capture just fine without flying.

First time chicken owners, so I don't know if this is a reason to cull the rooster now, or if he will make it to slaughter weight in another 4-6 weeks (9-10 weeks old now)



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He probably has crooked toes from heredity or temperature fluctuation during incubation. When they are days old, it can sometimes be corrected with homemade shoe and taping. His foot pads are looking rough like he could be getting some bumblefoot on his toes, so I would make sure that he has clean pine shavings for bedding in the coop, and that things in the coop and run are dry.

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