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Chick Pecking

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Hey I'm new to the chick business and one of my chicks have been pecking at the other and now it won't open its eyes , but it still eats and drinks and chirps regularly but I wanted to know is their a way to fix him and stop the pecking of the other chicks?
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It seems you have two issues here. One is a bully chick and the other is a chick that may be sick. They are mutually reinforcing, also.


You can often discipline a naughty chick and make the behavior stop by poking it on its back, gently, when it goes after another chick. Read my article on how to do this, linked below, the last one of the four listed under this post.


The other issue may be a chick that is a failure to thrive case, and that may be a reason why it's being bullied. It may be smaller and weak. You need to get some Poultry Nutri-drench and try to beef up its nutrient levels. Check it for pasty butt. That could be why it's failing if it's plugged up.


Feeding the entire brood crumbled tofu with Nutri-drench sprinkled over the top is a good way to get the weak chick to start eating if it's lost interest in food. You need to act quickly since a weak chick will not last long.


The sic chick may have cocci. Inspect the droppings for blood. You may need to treat the entire brood with Corid. It won't hurt to treat them even if they don't have it. It's not like an antibiotic, and it's safe and not hard on them.

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Thx so much for your advice it really helped a lot, the chick just now opened his eyes and he's up and going but we put in a 2 day old chick in the brooder yesterday with our previous 1 week old chick and funny enough he's been the little bully should I separate him or just let him stay and also I've been reading some articles saying that the pecking could be from the type of light in the brooder is that true?
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Try to keep all the chicks together. They all do so much better that way, even the weak ones.


Yes, lights can cause stress. That's why I highly recommend using the heating pad system. That way only natural light determines chick behavior, and they depend on natural light for so many of their bodily functions, now and later on.


Read about the heating pad on Blooie's thread, "Mama Heating Pad for the Brooder". It's got pictures and instructions in the first few pages on how to set it up. I'm getting new chicks myself in a couple days from now and it will be my third bunch brooded this way. I will never go back to heat lamps. Ever. They are evil.

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