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I have six hens, three are 4 years old and three are a little over one year old.  They free range.  One of my 4 year old hens has not been acting quite right for several days.  Instead of hopping up on the roost at night she lays in a corner of the small hen house.  Sometimes they do this and will have laid an egg the next morning, but no egg in that nest for some time.  A couple of nights ago she didn't return to the hen house at all; she was nowhere to be found.  Two mornings later she emerged from under a nearby shed.  I checked and no eggs under there.  During the day she forages with the other hens (I let them out of their pen about 11:00).  I tried picking her up today but she ran away (this would be normal for them and I took it as a good sign).  The only outward sign of anything on her is a very small bare patch on the back of her head.


The thought crossed my mind she might be egg-bound, but I thought this only happened in young birds.  Maybe it's just old age.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.  Thanks.