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6 Rescued Ducklings

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These ducklings had been living in the wild near a stream until their mother was ran over yesterday. There were 9 and something already got to 3 of them within a few hours, so I decided to bring them home. I don't know anything about ducks. They are currently in a large tote with hay for bedding and a large pan of water + dish of medicated chic starter. Can someone tell us what breed, approximate age, basic needs etc so we may try to successfully raise them? We have a pond we would eventually like to relocate them to. Any advice is welcome!
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Im sure someone far more experienced than me will come along to offer you some advice. But so far from this forum i have learned it is Not safe to feed ducklings medicated chick starter.
They look less than a week old to me and so they will prob need a heat lamp on one corner of their tub so they can get warm but also get away to cool off. And they will need some water deep enough to dunk their whole beak in to clean out their nose.
And they are adorable but get ready to do lots of cleaning cause ducklings are soooo messy but have been very worth it for me so far. Have fun! They look like baby mallards i think.. But could be wrong! This is my first year with ducks!
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Just wanted to add there is unmedicated chick starter Available.. And flock raiser is what mine have been on and done really well!
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These look like wild mallards. I'm not sure about the age. It's awful to hear about the mother and the 3 lost ducklings, but it's great you're starting to take care of them. We used Blue Seal's multi-flock chick n' game starter, which is unmedicated for our ducklings.


If you raise these ducklings, be careful about releasing them into the wild, as they may lose the instincts they need to survive in the wild. If you wish to take on raising them but not keeping them you can try selling them to people who want to raise full grown mallards, which would be safer for them just in case.

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Is there some simple way to tell what sex each of them are or what age does that become possible?
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Do you have a wildlife rescue near you? It is not a good idea to domesticate a wild duck and then try to release it back to the wild if you don't know what you are doing. You will be making them dependent on care and they will not know how to fend for themselves. It was good not to leave them to die but you don't want to have them die later because you did not teach them to live in the wild, as their mother would have done for them. I am not sure it is a good idea to remove them from the wild duck population either.
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