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Sick chicks??

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I have one turkey that is sick with a respiratory infection, she is in a different cage. All my chickens are near her in cages. Turkey is being treated with Tylan 50. Should I treat my chickens too or they can't get it cause they're housed separately??
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Turkeys can suffer from mycoplasma or MG, a carrier respiratory disease. The chickens could have already been exposed, so I would move the turkey away from them. I would only medicate any chickens who showed symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, foam in eyes, swelling in the face, or nasal drainage. Even if your turkey survives she will still be a carrier if she has MG. MG positive flocks are fairly common, but you may want to get her tested to make sure that is what she has.
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They were never caged together so should I worry of them getting it or not? They are just near each other. The turkey is sneezing and has foamy eyes. What can I do for her besides the antibiotics ?
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Clean the Turkey's eyes with saline and a warm cloth. Terramycin eye ointment from the feed store or plain neosporin can be used in the eye twice a day. Vetericyn eye gel can be used instead. MG is not as highly contagious as some diseases, but many times can be spread on shoes, clothes, and equipment. I would do a search on MG in chickens and read all you can. Google it. For big turkey or chicken farms, it is a big deal, and most cull sick chickens. For backyard flocks, most close their flocks to new birds. Vaccines are available, but you should first make sure that is what is going around.

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