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Enlarged stomach looks bad

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Our Rhode Island Red three years old started with diarrhea and felt better . The last few days she has been sitting like a penguin and not eating or drinking much. Today we gave her a warm Epsom salt soak and she smells bad.. We have her in antibiotics.

Her vent area is red and swollen too.

Need your help.
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Can you feel inside her vent an inch or two for a stuck egg. It's possible that she could have an infection inside, or egg yolk peritonitis. What do her droppings look like, and what color are they?
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She has not been laying for months.
Her droppings are green and yellow.
We gave her an Epsom bath today and separated her from the other birds.
She is not eating or drinking . Just had a few bites of the watermelon with antibiotics.
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Here is photo we took of her vent.
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I don't see your photo. It sounds like she is very sick if not eating. I would try to give her fluids if possible, but the outcome may not  be good if she has internal laying or egg  yolk peritonitis. Baytril is a good antibiotic that is banned in chickens in the US, but  still used for EYP, as long as the chicken won't be eaten. If she seems to be suffering, you may want to consider putting her out of her misery.

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Hope this picture shows up.
Thank you for your suggestions.
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Not able to upload photo. She is bleeding .
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I would wonder if she has cancer in her abdomen. Hopefully she doesn't suffer. Sorry about your hen.
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I was finally able to upload the picture . Could you tell if this is cancerous .  She was bleeding and then stopped but then again today there was blood under her abdomen and the box.



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Maybe she has a prolapsed vent? I still cannot see your picture, but can you Google prolapse in chickens, or enter that in the search box at the top of this page? A prolapse is when the cloaca comes outside the vent. It will be red tissue. It should be kept moist, and not dry out. Try to push the tissue back inside if possible. Apply honey or Preparation H to help reduce swelling. Hold the tissue inside for several minutes, even though it may come back out. A prolapse can happen at the same time as egg binding, or from previous vent damage. Put on a rubber glove, with some lubricant, and feel inside the vent an inch or two for an egg. Make sure that she is passing droppings. Daily Epsom salts warm baths help. Clean off any dark or dead tissue dufing the bath to debride dead tissue. After reading this, let us know if you think it is a prolapsed vent.
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