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Isa browns

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Wondering what age be good to add a rooster to my chooks and whats the roister to add for isa browns.

Thx chris
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When they start layering. 6 months. You can add a rooster.. any rooster you want. Nice rhodeislandred would be good.. but any would work
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ISA Browns are a crossbreed, and as such, do not breed true. If you want to know how to breed your own sexlinks, check out this thread,

All the good info is in the first post.

If you're wanting an adult rooster, then wait till the hens are laying well before adding him. If you want a young male, than get one that's about 10 to 12 weeks old. Introduce him when the hens are all mature and laying. He will be young enough, that a few pecking order scuffles with the older girls will keep him well behaved for a good, long time.

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Thx guys, ye they about 5 months and laying well currently, time to top up my hens, one thing i notice with breeding quail in incubator,humidty always drops low middle if night,will this effect hatchings or csn i prevent it.

Thx for ur knowledge im learning

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Humidity is a average idk about quail. . For chickens I shoot for 45% first 18 days.. 70% last 3
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Hi rod

Ye through the day no problems with humidty its during the night when it drops of until i top water up morning
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