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Injured chick

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So I was integrating my three 8 week old chicks into my flock of 5 1yrar old hens. I did this by setting up a large wire dog crate and zip tying the door so the opening was large enough for the chicks to go in and out, but too large for the big girls...or so I thought.

My head hen is a barred rock, and is a giant jerk to the new chicks. And she was determined enough to squeeze herself through the opening for the chicks and proceeded to attack my light Brahma chick. She ripped her shoulder open and pulled out several pin feathers. It's not a huge wound, but I've never had to deal with any wound before...

So here's my question, I've been spraying vetricin on it twice a day, but it's looking a I'm assuming is NOT good! Is there something better I could be putting on it?
Also one of the other chicks is picking at it a little. Also there are broken off feathers, should I leave them be, or pull them the rest of the way?

Thanks in advance.
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The green more than likely is bruising. Vetericyn is really good for wound care, but if you can get some BluKote spray, it will hide the wound and help to prevent pecking. Otherwise, you can separate the injured pullet until she heals a bit,mthen use the BluKote. It can be a challenge introducing new chickens, but usually it is best to wait until they are similar in size unless they are raised by a broody hen within the flock. Here is a way I can separate new chicks or older chickens using poultry netting for little ones and bird netting over the top to keep others out until they are old enough to be together.
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Thank you. It's a relief to know it's probably bruising. It makes sense too.
They were doing really well just staying out of the big girls way, and running into the crate to get away, but my barred rock is not very big and squeezed through...😩 The chicks are back in the crate with the door latched shut. I may just have to come up with a different game plan for integration.
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