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urgent help please

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Hi I have a nice leg horn chicken that basicallyhas a ducks butt . its hanging so low she eats and drinks perfectly but she ccan't lay and has trouble walking. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially natural remedies .thanks
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She might have an egg stuck. You might want you fell and see if you feel anything hard. If so there's an egg stuck and needs to be taken out. You can soak her in eposom salt and try to reduce the selling and see if the egg passes.
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Immediately get some boiling water and put it in a tub let it cool to where its warm and you can keep your hand in the water and sit your hen in the tub for 30 minutes and do this for the next 2 to 3 days . Get some calcium pills that you can find at a local feed store and smash them up fine with a few pieces of the pill not smashed up and mix it with her feed. When u do this use two pills at a time

@Southern Ann
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After doing this her egg should pass!! Good luck!!
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