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Runny poop

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I have three show chickens and they always have runny poop sometimes it's so bad it shots like 6 inches out. I worm them every month, they have no mites, and lay regular. But after I feed them scratch they seem to sneeze a lot like water comes out of their noses. They hardly poop solid and it's a gray color and the runny poop is a brown color or also when it shots of it is clear with little chunks of food. What could be happening? They run around and seem fine.
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I'm certainly no expert, but you do not need to be de-worming your flock every month - that is too frequent and it could be affecting their metabolism and what you are seeing them excrete. 


In terms of poo - take a look at the photos in this link.


I'll leave the floor open to the experts...



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Ever since day one of my 8 RIR hens poops runny every single day. They are now 2 months old or 8 weeks
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