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Against all odds

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Long winded.....Please try to follow.
I have a clutch of eggs that was set to hatch 2 days ago (Friday) by a broody. Mom stopped sitting the Sunday before the hatch. I noticed within 24 hours and candled. They all seemed to have died at varies stages.
Hopeful, I held on to them and candled nightly until Wednesday when I saw one live one!
I have NO idea what stage he's at. Guessing roughly 18 days based on development and air sack.
Problem is he's in the bator with my other hatching eggs and will obviously hatch way before the ones I set. This little guy survived this far against all odds and I'd like to ensure a successful hatch.
Suggestions/comments/advice....all GREATLY appreciated big_smile.png
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Thread Starter's an Ancona duck egg.
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