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Hen or roo?

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I'm thinking my speckled Sussex maracas is a roo. 7 weeks old in the pic and in the last week the comb has doubled in size and turned red and and waddles have popped out. 😞 This is the only speckled I have, so I don't have others to compare. Maraca is so friendly and I'm quite attached after nursing it back to health when it had some issues as a chick. Can not have Roos where I live.
Also a little worried about my silver laced Wyandotte
Any expert opinions?!?
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Sussex is definitely a rooster... Here's my pullet that's significantly older than yours...
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I'm pretty your Wyandotte is a pullet. My wyandotte roosters comb and waddles were a lot more developed/red. But it's feet are quite large soo it could be either.
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Thanks. 😩 So sad about maraca, but still hopeful about my slw. I'll wait till he crows before finding him a new home to be sure.
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