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Chick all alone

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In the past I have had only bought one chick for the local hardware store and he didn't eat and died. My fault I didn't think to get him a buddy, but he had buddies with him when I took him away. Now I hatched a single black Sumatra out and he's is the only one. I really don't want to make the same mistake and have such a rare bird die on me. Does he need a friend since he was born alone, when I get near the brooder he chirps and stops when I give him attention. I would normally jump up and go buy one, but the hardware store only has 4 week olds and Black Sumatras are already little, he would be picked on, is there a way to give him artificial attention? I really don't want to have him die because I can't get him a friend!!
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Chicks have an instinctive drive to chirp to flush out other chicks if they find themselves all alone. If no other chicks respond and come to its summons, then they will imprint on the first living being they see. In other words, you are it.


Chicks need to be with other chicks for warmth, safety, companionship and self confidence. If they don't have these needs fulfilled, they can die. Sometimes a human can raise a single chick and be its companion, and it will thrive, but it's a big job during the first few months until a chicken reaches adulthood and can take care of itself. Even a dog or a goat will help it be less lonely.


Your easiest way to solve this problem is to get a friend for it asap. If you can't find one the right age locally, look on Craig's list for your area, and you can almost always find a chick that way, especially during spring when people are selling off the extra chicks they were forced by custom to fill out minimum orders.


Have you thought ahead to six weeks from now when your two chicks will be needing a coop to live in? And how about a secure run so hawks and raccoons and dogs don't kill them?

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I found him a friend, my uncle knew a person who had some chicks. Thanks for your help, the Sumatra is doing great!!
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