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Retractable wheels vs. fixed

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Just wondering what the advantage/disadvantages of retractable wheels vs. fixed wheels are.


I see some chicken tractors with retractable wheels.  Others just have a set of wheels hanging off the back end of the tractor (works like a wheelbarrow).  Is there any reason to go with the retractable wheels?

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Our chicken tractor coop has regular wheels under the coop because the area under the coop is also part of their run, so it is all screened in with hardware cloth.  We pull it with a compact tractor when we move it.


Our runs slide in and out of our coop on each side and are moved separately.  Our runs have the retractable wheels because the run sits right on the ground.  We raise it up (retractable wheels) when we move it and lower it again when we have it where we want it (until we move it again).


Basically it all depends on what type of coop you have, how big it is, and what is most convenient for you.

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