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chickens, turkey and coop

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Some pics of all the babies that are newly integrated with our older girls.    They are all 10 weeks old now, hopefully all pullets.   There are two Blue Andalusian, a speckled sussex, welsummer and a standard bronze turkey.


 Group photo





Speckle and silver feet



Summer and silver feet







the next is our 4 year olds.


Little Red, Bantam Wyandotte


dirt bathing



Red Derp



White Derp




Missy our little stray girl, who we think is about a year old sex link.





Their Coop, which is a work in progress.  It's mostly all reclaimed free materials so it's taking time to find the right things to make it work right.



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They're beautiful!  Love all the pics!  Your coop is fantastic!   Keep enjoying them, and thanks for sharing too!    :thumbsup

mom of 8 kids,  3 dogs,  10 cats, 11 hens, 1 goose, 1 duck  and the most loving, patient hubby, who puts up with me!!


mom of 8 kids,  3 dogs,  10 cats, 11 hens, 1 goose, 1 duck  and the most loving, patient hubby, who puts up with me!!

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The Red Derp is officially just a bad girl.   Since we've moved in the younger pullets and moved coops she has decided that she shouldn't be subjected to the same rules as other chickens.   We've had her for over 4 years and she's always been our pushy, bossy hen.   She wants in the house, where she can either sleep on my knee or on the dog,  because those are really great roosts.  Unless their not well, we don't allow chickens in the house since their potty habits are less than stellar.


Now with all the newbi's in the coop she waits outside for everyone to go to bed then walks through the young ones squacking which scares them and they all fly down from their roost.  Then if she doesn't get a reaction from the humans she goes and pecks her older coop mates (some of which she was in a brooder with when chicks) till they either loose their minds and start squacking or jump down too.  If we continue to ignore here she drives them all out of the coop and stands in the door way so no one can come in.    If she see's us reacting she lays off them till they get comfy and then does it all again.  She will do this till it's dark.   If we open a door to the house she runs for it and will actually try and push me out of the way to get in.  


So yes we are all tired of it and feel bad for the rest of the well behaved chickens and usually give in and she comes into house, walks around a minute and then hops up onto the nearest human and proceeds to go to sleep.



I keep telling her that many would just eat her.

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