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Silkie has eye issue!

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My silkie rooster has had this for a while. I tried treating with antibiotics but has not worked. Thinking he caught his eye  with his claw when he was scratching . As you see it runs and mats his feathers. He is fine otherwise. Has anyone ever seen this before? Thank you for any info that may help :)

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I would try to clean the eye out with saline and cotton balls or QTips if there is pus. Look for a foreign body. Use some Terramycin eye ointment or Vetericyn eye gel from the feed store twice a day. Many times this is due to a sinus infection from a respiratory disease such as MG or coryza. Is there a bad odor around the head? If a vet is available, I would take him in.
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Hi..Nope, no odor at all.He has had this for quite sometime.Unfortunately there is not a vet in the area that knows anything about chickens of any kind. I was wondering what the white spot is? I will try your suggestions and see if it helps! Thank you so much for your help :)

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That white spot could be significant, but silkies because of their coloring, look so different than other chickens in pictures. There can be cysts, abscesses, or puss in the eye. One BYC member found a piece of a weed stuck in his chicken's eye after he had tried treating it for coryza for weeks without success. When he removed the object the infection went away. If you have a friendly dog or horse vet who you regularly go to, maybe they could help. They don't have to know that much about chickens, but can help sometimes. In the meantime, I would apply some warm compresses to his eye for 15 minutes while you hold him (and watch a show together or read BYC.) That will help soften the crust under his eye, and if you can see solid pus in the eye, it has to be removed.

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Thank you! You and others on this site know much, much more then the local vets. I will ask my vet that I take my dogs to if he could have a look at him or even the picture and possibly give me his opinion. Thank you again :)

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