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Mother fantastic Layer, Brown Leghorn, good specimen from Stromberg's, not flighty.  Papa: John Blehm Ameraucana (3/4 Buff, 1/4 Wheaton from a BLUE BLUE egg.


This guy should have a good blue egg gene x white  -  so maybe create a nice blue egg chick with your EE's etc.  


At the least a great, non human aggressive, hen watch dog!  Raised right, free range, with a head roo. so far NONE of my roos have been human aggressive in the least, they run over, yes, and follow you they can show the hens the goodies!  I have small children and never an issue with me or them.


I was getting sure he was a hen...saw some shiny feathers started....still denial.  Crowed today.


Not very heavy, great forager, wont eat much.

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