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One of my three White Embden goslings started standing in the water basin yesterday, not moving for over an hour. I gave all of them some lettuce and he/she half-heartedly stumbled over to it but didn't eat any. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her inside where she promptly fell asleep in my arms--very uncharacteristic of this goose!

I made up an electrolyte solution and placed her with it and some food in solitary confinement overnight. I also sprinkled chopped lettuce on the water, hoping to entice her to drink. As far as I can tell she hasn't eaten or drunk anything, or pooped, all night.

This morning she was having a really hard time standing up--she kept sitting on her haunches with her feet sticking out in front of her. I tried giving her water from a syringe, but she didn't swallow much. She's wrapped in a towel, asleep in my arms again.

Any suggestions?