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Drake hates dog bark!

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So I thought this was funny and should probably video it sometime if I can... our drake absolutely hates it when our dog barks. She was barking earlier because we drove up in the driveway, and he went running straight at her, quacking angrily. She was on the other side of the fence but she saw him glaring at her and stopped barking and sat right down... looking between him and us. He continued staring and quacking at her, and when we let her out of the fence to bring her inside, he chased her all the way to the deck...


Just picture an 8 pound duck chasing a 50 pound dog across the yard, with the dog fleeing in terror, tail between her legs! This isn't the first time he's gone after her, either... but usually the barking sets him off. He hates it! I've watched him go up behind her and bite her right on her back leg for barking (and she runs away, because he's a big scary duck).


I just can't help but laugh... poor dog, chased in her own yard. Anyone else have ducks who can't stand one of your other pets?

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I wish you could get a video of it I would love to see it.  I've had a rooster attack the dog because he run by and almost knocked him down.  I've never had  a duck go after the dogs tho.What kind of duck do  you have?  

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He's a pekin/cayuga mix. Very docile and friendly, unless you're a dog or mess with the lady-ducks.

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He is very handsome and very brave to go after a 50 pound dog.

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My drake currently chases both of my greyhounds- he chases them across the yard....and will chase them right inside the house biting at their legs. I feel kinda bad though- my old guy hates the duck biting him. It is sort of sad. The drake will also chase my chickens too. He is pretty protective of his lady...but at this point I think he is being a jerk.

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That's sad. Poor doggies. Fortunately our drake only does it every so often, usually only in the Spring. Maybe once every couple of weeks, then suddenly once a day for a few days before back to the couple weeks thing. He doesn't go after any of our chickens unless the chickens peck at his girls or are the 'grey rooster' (that's the only thing I've ever called that rooster). The grey rooster picks on the other chickens and Opie (the drake's name) is always chasing him away from his girls. I bet he sees how the rooster treats his hens and sees him as a threat that he doesn't want anywhere near his lady-ducks. He has no such qualms with the other two roosters who do not treat their girls badly.

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