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Egg Bound for 2 days

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Hello all,

My first post on the forum. I've got a few Amber Sex Links and we noticed yesterday that one was egg bound. She sat in the laying box for over an hour so I took a look underneath and you could see the egg buldging under skin. So we soaked her in a warm bath an slathered her in Vaseline and she was able to pass the egg. Today it's the same story again, but she looks worse on her bottom. Much more inflamed and nasty looking. We soaked her again to no avail. I'm wondering if the kindest thing is to dispatch of her but I was hoping this community might have some insight/suggestions. She is acting pretty much normal though. She goes into the laying box every once in a while and tries again but other than that, she seems fine. She does possibly sit down in the dirt a little more often than normal but if I didn't know something was wrong I probably wouldn't have even noticed the extra sitting. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to BYC. Could she have a prolapsed vent or cloaca? That is when the tissue from inside comes out the vent.
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I guess it could be. I'm worried she's still got an egg stuck in her. Any suggestions?
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Giving some calcium orally such as a Tums, a calcium tablet, or some ground

 egg  shell in a bit of yogurt might help. Placing her in a warm and humid room such as a bathroom where the shower has run for a bit can help. Can you feel an egg inside the cent!

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