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Olive Eggers?

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Any ideas what this little booger is? I'm fairly certain he's a Roo. They were supposedly 2 weeks old when I got them (i think they were a week), so that would put him at about 4-5weeks old. He's supposed to be an Olive Egger, but I'm just not certain.
What do y'all think? Looks like a Roo right? And what breed do we think? He's the only one of the 4 I got that doesn't have poofy cheeks.

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Chick #2
My other suspect OEs.
This one I'm thinking looks like a pullet.

Chick #3
And this one I'm thinking Roo. But um... Does he even look like an OE??

Pullet? Still not sure if it's an OE...

And this little Barred Rock looks like a boy right???

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A little to young to sex yet but the only ones that look like possible cockerels are #1 and #5 (the Barred Rock). Also they all look like OEs, what type of comb does #1 have?

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Thank you!
I THINK #1 has a peacomb. I'm not terribly certain as these are the first I'm raising from chicks. My other girls I bought older.
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Yes, it has a pea comb :), also I think it is most likely a cockerel.

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