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Bantams stolen in Wagoner, OK

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Hi, I just wanted other chicken owners to be aware that your beloved chickens and babies could be in danger from thieves. I live in the Rocky Point area of Wagoner, Oklahoma. On Wednesday, May 4th after 11:00 pm and before 5:00 am, someone entered my backyard and stole my bantams and new baby chicks. If you see someone selling these birds, be suspicious.


The thieves entered my gate (they left it open) at the side of the house. I had a tractor, just outside my garage back door with 8 Welsummer chicks that were 5-weeks old. They were feathered out really nice from being raised in an outdoor brooder. I had 4 males, 4 females that I had hatched myself.


Then the thieves walked around to the other side of the house, about 50 yards from the house, entered a gate (they also left this one open). Here I had two small coops. From one they took all my Golden Seabrights but one (she was under the nest box sitting on eggs). They took 6 hens and 2 roosters. 


They opened my second coop, taking my Old English Game Bantam flock. From my Brown Breasted Red birds, I had 2 roosters, one with his comb clipped, the other not clipped. I had 4 or 5 Brown Breasted Red hens. I also had in there 4 Lemon-Blue hens. These ranged from a real light shade, almost white, 2 light blue with a couple of small black spots of color bleeding through, then a dark blue one.


It just makes my sick. Some of the OEGB had been my daughter's and were super friendly. They were pets! I now have padlocks with chains on the gates ( very inconvenient). I also am looking into running electric to the side yard for a flood light and will definitely get cameras. The police officer suggested an inferred deer camera inside the coop, but I don't think that will work-too much bird movement? Any not too expensive suggestions? I will not get birds again until I feel it will be safe-probably next year. 

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That is a terrible thing for someone to do! I'm so sorry for your loss.
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