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My Broody Chicken

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Im new to this website and a fairly new chicken mommy but have heard that this cite is very informational.  I believe my 1 yr old chicken went broody 2 days ago.  She will not leave the nesting box and is making these weird noises. She still gives us an egg a day but from reading the other posts Im afraid that is going to stop. Ive tried taking her out of the box and to play with the others but she is very grumpy and goes back into the box.  I heard that putting a day old chick in with her will make her feel like a mommy and may stop the broody process.  Im not quite sure this is true and hadn't read it on any other posts.  Im feeling really bad for her and need some advice!!

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Hello :frow and Welcome to BYC! 
Please make yourself at home! I would read these articles which I believe will answer your questions:

Broody Hens

Letting Broody Hens Hatch & Raise Chicks


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Thanks for the info but I'm still a little stressed. Oly the brooding hen let the others in the house to lay eggs today but she did not lay one today. I forced her out to free range but went right back in to her laying spot. My question is, if I put a chick under her and she takes to it will she allow the others to go up in the house to lay eggs and to roost up and sleep?
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