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HELP! 2-mo. Old duckling with a swollen leg!

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We have a two(ish)-month old duck that came up lame over the weekend. We got home Sunday and he was fine then that night I noticed he was limping. He is still eating and drinking and attempting to move about but tries to use his growing wings and tail to keep himself balanced. He also still attempts to get away from me when I'm down there as well. Then, yesterday morning I noticed the leg was very inflamed/swollen compared to the other and his hock/hip appears to be as well. I'm not sure what happened because they've got pine shavings in the plastic tub they are in and they're changed out every two days. I hadn't out niacin in their water so I did yesterday afternoon. He appears a little better but not much. Any advice on what to do?? I've contacted my vet as well as another that I was referred to and no one seems to have any knowledge on ducks....the duck is pictured below. We aren't even sure what type he/she is since we bought them from a farm store.
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I had a duckling that jumped out of the hatchery box and hurt her leg before she was even a week old.


The vet prescribed daily swims in  warm water so she could still  build muscles in the leg.  I let her swim 2x a day during the week and 3-4 times a day on the weekends  for as long as she was able to swim without being tired.


I did not remove her from the brooder because I wanted her to maintain a bond with her flock mates.  I fixed a small feeding station for her so she could eat in peace without being jostled around by her flock mates.


The vet also prescribed metacam and i gave it to her twice daily.


She healed well and doesnt limp at all now. She is still my smallest hen but is my most productive and largest egg layer.


Love, care and patience can heal  duckling leg/joint injuries.


I didn't change her diet at all. she ate the same food, vegetables and greens as her flock mates.

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I've heard that oregano is a natural anti-inflammatory so I'm going to get them a plant and give it in small amounts. I have a feeling he tweaked it or something. I do have metacam at my house as well. What dosage did you give? We always have it on hand for our dogs!
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