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Unsure what to do.

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I am sure this has been asked a hundred times over but I am after some advice.


I have a broody hen and I am looking to get her some eggs to hatch. My question is do I move her to hatch the chicks or is it better to keep her in with my other 2 chickens? 1 of my chickens is a sweet as anything and the other 1 can be a bit of a bully.  


If it is better to move her out when would be the best time for her and the chicks to return to the flock? I am unable to create an area in my coop for her and the chicks so it would be a case of leave her or move her. 


This is my first time hatching chicks so I am probably worrying about nothing. 

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It is not advised to completely isolate a broody from the flock. It causes all sorts of reintegration issues. After 3 weeks of brooding in isolation, she will essentially be a stranger to the flock, and they will treat her and the chicks as such. That means you'll have to wait till the chicks are at least 6 to 8 weeks old before you can even try to begin introductions.

If you have room in the coop, put her in a pet carrier inside the coop. A small, cat-sized one is really all you need. That way, nobody can bother her, or add to her clutch and she still stays in contact with the flock. Let her out each morning for food and water, and then close the door once she's back on. Or you can continue to let her brood right where she is, but be sure to mark the eggs that you want her to sit on, and remove any eggs that are added by the other hens, daily.

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Would the other two hens be ok with chicks in the coop? My worry is they would try to attack them. Mind you I guess my broody will protect the chicks any way. 

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Your broody should protect them. However, not every broody makes for a good mother. Keeping the broody in contact with the flock should help ease any tensions. 

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