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Hi, I am writing a research about the hatching percent from silkie eggs that have different stored time before incubating.

From my experiment I can see that eggs, that are stored only 1 or 2 days before incubation the hatching percent is lower than from the eggs, that are stored 3-9 days. I have found many sources that say "Eggs stored for one day will hatch better than fresh laid eggs placed immediately in an incubator." But I can`t find the reason for that. Why will eggs stored for one day hatch better than fresh laid eggs placed immediately in an incubator?


And I know that long term storage of eggs prior to incubation causes a significant loss of hatchability. The hatching percentage declines dramatically if eggs have been stored about 13 days or more. But what is the reason behind that and why is that so?


I would be really gratefull if someone can share their knowledge or opinion about the topic.