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Impacted crop in pullet?

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This is my ~7 week old Blue Andalusion.  Around 5 weeks I started to notice her left wing looked droopy or her right wing/ shoulder was pushed forward.  Last night I picked her up to palpate and try to feel which shoulder was abnormal and I realized the issue wasn’t her shoulder but her crop was a big hard ball of what felt like little seeds or rocks in there.  When  I first noticed this she was in a brooder on pine shavings.  She is currently outside on dirt and eating crumbles only.  I am guessing she has an impacted crop from eating pine shavings?  I immediately separated her and gave her watery scrambled eggs to eat and then massaged her crop.  I could feel things moving a bit but after about 15 mins of massaging I let her be hoping by morning  she would be better.  However, this morning her crop looks the same but it is soft and feels like it is full of water.  I can’t feel anything hard in there but it is still inflated.  Is this normal or does it mean she is still impacted?  Maybe she drank a bunch of water just prior to me checking on her?  Or could it be inflamed/ swollen from my massage last night?  Her keel is quite bony and protruding but the droppings in her bed looked normal so I feel like she is getting some nutrition?  Any advice on what to do next?




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Hi, I noticed this evening that my pekin bantam has a very very large and very firm crop and it's also bald. It's not red or anything just bald and very taught. Is this normal? I am new to keeping chickens so could do with some advice please. I also think she is broody at the moment as she spends a lot of her time in the nesting box and squeals when you check on her. Would this make a difference? Thank you in advance for your help!!
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To diagnose a potential crop issue, with hold feed for 12 hours. Provide her with grit and water. If the crop empties, everything is fine. If it's not empty, then there is likely an issue. 

It is actually very normal for chickens to eat a very large meal and fill up their crop completely before they go to roost for the night. It can freak first time chicken owners out at first.

The keel is supposed to be boney. She is putting all her energy into growing, and growing in feathers. Muscle comes later. And even on a healthy adult, it should still be easily felt. The only breed you can't really feel the keel bone in are the meat birds.

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Thank you so much junebuggena!  I will do as advised and see if it empties.  I am glad to hear she isn't starving to death based on her keel too. :)

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