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Hen has blood on face and neck

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I found one of my hens with blood all over her face. None of the other hens had blood so there was no fights and I couldn't find what could've caused it. I have her in a large kennel with food and water to isolate her. Unfortunately the blood is dried so I don't know how I can clean it off. She acts completely normal but tries to jump up inside of the kennel to get out. I don't want her to hurt herself further but it's for her own good. It seems the area where the blood is coming from is from the back of her comb (the point). Any tips on how to get the dry blood off?




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UPDATE. The blood dried to a dark maroon/brown so that'll help. We put her back after cleaning what we could, which wasn't much, and watched the others. She seems aware that there's something on her so she makes sure the others don't take advantage of her. All roosting for now.

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I've used hydrogen peroxide to clean off blood on myself dogs and cats I assume itll be ok to use on a chicken. Put some on cotton or cloth and wipe it off?

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Warm saline solution is ok for wiping away blood on grazes / cuts. Personally, i use iodine as an antiseptic, but thats cos i have some in the house. 


It may be worth keeping an eye on your hen - the wounds could be caused by pecking. One bit of blood and the attacks intensify. 



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