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Broody RIR hatching eggs questions

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I'm fairly new to the poultry thing although I did grow up in a rural area of northern IL where our neighbors had chickens and as a young lad I would help care for them from time to time.

Last spring I ordered 18 RIR 1 day old hens, not the production ones. I lost one in the brooder but 17 made it. This late winter I purchased a young RIR rooster off of Craigslist list from a local poultry farmer. I've verified that yes indeed my roo is doing his job and fertilizing eggs.

I have 1 RIR hen that has been sitting on the nest for 7 straight days now. I have not seen her get off the nest once in those 7 days. Although she might, I don't monitor the chickens too closely. She is in one of the 6 nest boxes I built that is 6 foot off the coop floor. Every time I even get near her she lets me know she doesn't want me there. She puffs up her feathers and makes a evil sound like a velociraptor or something. I did quickly feel underneath her at day 3 and best I could tell she was sitting on 4 eggs. I did this quickly because she put up a fuss and pecked my arm several times. I grabbed three other freshly laid eggs and stuck under her though. So I know she is sitting on a minimum of 7 eggs.

Being a newbie I have a few questions/concerns that I would like to bounce off you guys.

1) I understand from reading here that chicken eggs take a minimum of 21 days to hatch. So I should expect a staggered hatching. My nest boxes are 6 foot off the coop floor. How are the chicks going to get down after they hatch without a death leap to the coop floor. Granted there is a lot of wood chips on the floor becuase I do the deep litter method but still that's a long fall for a chick.

2) I thought about moving the broody hen into a large dog crate, linning the floor of it with hay, making a nest and putting the eggs in there. But honestly she would be a pretty ****** off hen if I did that. So I just decided to leave her be. My question is I've never seen this hen off the nest in 7 days. Does she get off the nest to eat and drink? Surely she must or she would die - am I right? Short of setting up a wireless video camera out there - I may never know.

3) How should I handle the staggered hatch? Should I stick the newly hatched chicks in a brooder as I see them? or should I just let momma do her naturally born instinct thing she does? Again I don't know how the chicks are going to get down out of the nest box that's 6 foot high off the coop floor. Not do I know what the other 16 hens and roo may do to them, is there a chance they may be pecked to death by the other hens or roo?

Any advise would surely be most appreciated as I'm new to the whole chicken thing.

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Moving to the broody hen thread - I just seen it smile.png

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