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Not sure I am
Spelling that right- but how can I tell
If my chicken has mareks? She went lame
Reason. This is the second bird this has happened too ! The other recovered and is now fine. I peeked in on her just now and she can't roost with the others!
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Ive had several act drunk and thsn go lame. Only one has survived but none of my flock was effected. I dont think mone is mericks or however you spell it. As it happens at diffrent ages in mine. The one that did survive drags a leg around its like the leg is paralized. She kinda hobbles using her wing. Shes now laying and shes never been in pain. Truth is everyone jumps to the hole mericks right away as worst case but i think other things can go on as well. Idk if mine have been like nerilogical like a seaziure or stroke or what. Its hard not being able to ask our chickens whats wrong.
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I am just stressed because the same thing happened to another chicken! What are the chances I had 2 that sprained a leg or whatever! I thought raising chickens was supposed to be easy! I have not gone to the coop yet this morning ! Praying she is better !
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She is now mostly unable to
Walk. She falls
Over a lot ! Same thing as the last chicken
With same
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The more you have the more issues will arise its a numbers game. Ive probably had maybe at the most 10 but even that seems high act drunk then stop walking and wventually pass. It just happens and not mich you can do. Ive had chickens i believe for 3 years.
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