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Is my chicken ok?

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Yesterday I saw my chicken throw up like 3 times, is it normal? She's been acting normal eating, drinking, pooping too and her crop felt normal to me yesterday. Today I've noticed she has been drinking a lot of water but don't know if she was drinking a lot because it was hot today. I felt her crop in the morning and it was empty I'm guessing that's normal. Could it be sour crop? And if it is natural remedies? And how do I know if she's better?
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Also if it's sour crop does it go away on its own?
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You should be able to tell if its sour crop by smelling her breath - if it smells, well, sour then it is. If so, then this link should help


Its perfectly normal for a chicken to have an empty crop first thing on a morning BTW. 


I'm sure the experts will be along soon to help you out.


All the best


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