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Chick troubles

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I just posted this and it disappeared, need help asap, so I'm posting it again.


I had a chick pip from the wrong end, 24 hours later it seemed to be in distress and had made no progress. I read the instructions on assisting and gave it a small amount of help by zipping a bit for it and then gave it a break.


After a bit the chick decided it was ready to join the world and pushed its way on out. Unfortunately, it was too early. The yolk sac hadn't absorbed and it ruptured it on the way out. I tied it off and snipped the excess. Got the bleeding stopped, gave it some electrolyte water and a bit later some pureed scrambled eggs and yogurt because it was super weak and I knew without the yolk being absorbed it'd need nutrients.


Fast forward to this morning, little peeper is making all kinds of noise and moving around a bunch more. I opened up the incubator, which i left it in so that i could monitor it closely and this is what I found.


 It appears to be intestines. I could be wrong on that though. Little chick didn't want to hold still for a picture. For such a rough start it's pretty vigorous. It's alone in there on a towel. So i know another chick couldn't have done this to it.


My question is, is there anything I can do to help this little one? Aside from taking it to a vet, as there aren't any within an hour drive. I know I probably should have culled it to start with, but it seemed to want to live so much that I decided to give it a chance. I'll do what needs to be done if there's no hope. I don't want it to suffer.




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Forgot to mention, I did clean the area with sterile saline as it was covered with blood and yolk and applied a bit of polysporin (the kind without pain killer stuff in it).

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