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Yesterday rained all day and all the goslings looked a bit miserable. This morning Sally came out with the others but it soon became obvious she is not eating and would rather lie down even when the others walk off. I tried to tempt her with spinach leaves (her favourite) but she is not interested. She just wants to rest. I am new to poultry keeping so know very little, but wonder if she might have eaten too much grass as there were a couple of 'shots' of very green bundled grass in her shed - not sure if coughed up or ejected from other end!  They have access to very small grits (budgie sized) wondering if that's not enough now they are growing so fast. I have just added the grits the parents eat, but she will not take anything. the other 6 all seem fine.


They are incubator hatched by me - i have the parents. they are now out on grass (away from the parent birds) and have moved on from goose starter crumbs ad lib to goose grower a week or so ago.


Please Help!

what should I do? at the moment i have shut her in to keep her dry and away from predators. not sure what to do next?

any help greatefully recieved.

how long can she go without eating/drinking

should i force fluids in?

should i take her temperature?

what is the most likely cause and treatment please.


many thanks for reading