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Worms in poop *pics*

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I found these worms in my chickens poop 2-3 weeks ago.  I think it looks like roundworm and tapeworm but my hens aren't showing any other symptoms of worms.  I have Wazine, Vlabazen and Strike III  but don't want to treat them if I don't need to.  This is my first bout with worms and would love some help.

Thanks in advance!!




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They look like round worms to me. Definitely start them on Valbazen right away.
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I don't see roundworm listed as one of the worms Vlabazen will treat.  Should I start with the Wazine?


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I've read Wazine only kills round worms and that it kills them all at one time. That can cause a blockage and kill the chicken. I've read Valbazen kills many types of worms and is safer because it doesn't kill them all at once. Someone here can definitely let us know for sure.
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