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fox attack

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I was woken up at 5:30 am by my screaming rooster. I ran outside to find three of my girls, dead, with feathers everywhere. When I say that this is the most devastating thing to happen to me. My girls are family to me, I had such a close bond with them, especially those three actually. What was weird was that the fox only ate MAYBE 2 oz of meat and then just left them there. I think he got sick of my rooster going after him. My other two girls are completely unharmed, just a bit shaken. My roosters comb is bloody from fighting but its nothing major; I'm treating him for that. This entire experience has been so traumatizing for me and especially for the rest of the flock. Moral of the story is make sure you proof and reproof your coop from predictors. Had it not been for the rooster, the fox would have taken out the whole flock without leaving anything but a trail of feathers. Especially now when the foxes have pups to feed, you really need to keep an eye out. They're smart little fiends and very patient; they will do anything to find a way in. And your coop is like and all you can eat buffet. I will be having the closed casket funeral tonight. It really is so unfortunate and just disturbing to wake up this way. I hope none of you ever have to find your girls ripped apart. Stay safe!

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So sorry!  That's why us old fogies :old talk about security and predator protection, over and over again.  We've been there, and hated it too.  Mary

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Oh no. sad.png Do you know for certain it was a fox? We've caught raccoons who've massacred multiple hens and left them mostly untouched afterward. I always felt like raccoons were better at getting into or damaging the coops, the turds.

We also have coyote and bobcats that hang around, but they've never broken into the coop. I have stumbled onto a brave bobcat snatching a hen and running off with her in broad daylight. *sigh. Everything eats chicken.
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A bit over a week ago there was a fox that came around dusk just as my chickens were going in from free ranging. My rooster fought with him until I heard it happening and ran outside to scare him off. You would think that I would be smart enough to consistently lock all of my locks after that... but anyway I'm just assuming it was the same fox 

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I just lost 4 out of my 5 hens the past two nights, and it was pretty devastating seeing them torn apart. I had named and loved every single one of them. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and I'm so sorry you had to go through it too. It's really hard when you get attached to your chickens!

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Your fox, or whoever, will return until either you trap and shoot, or just shoot.  Meanwhile keep your survivors on lockdown 24/7 or you will loose the rest of your flock.  Again, so sorry.  When a fox killed ten of my hens one afternoon several years ago (in view of a workman who did nothing!)  I also notified neighbors, and especially owners of flocks within about a mile of my farm, to be looking, and one of them was able to nail the offending sick mangy fox the following week.  Good luck!  Mary

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Believe it or not even after all of this, I am concerned about the fox! I don't really want to kill her because there are probably some fox pups waiting for their mother to come home with food or else they will die. I have already made sure the coop is completely predator proof now though. I do have a trap already so I may trap her just to scope her out. Not really sure what I will do with her but I guess I'll figure that out then. and @Limeaide im so sorry to hear about your flock. If you ever want to talk with me feel free, I'm in the same place as you...

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Don't trap your fox unless you will shoot!  All you will do is make her trap proof, and still want to eat chicken.  If it's a vixen with kits, she is teaching them about chicken too.  It's illegal and cruel to relocate a fox too.  Electric poultry netting should keep her away from you birds when they are out, later.  Check  Mary

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Yeah, I hate when people do this. I have a neighbor doing this. sad.png So I have a feeling if I need to try a trap in the future it is going to be useless as everything is learning about traps. I have been trying to figure out how to bring it up with him and tactfully get him to quit it. I will..".somehow or other.
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Fox attack at night is bad, but loosing a duck and chicken within a week from eachother at NOON from a fox hurts worse because your awake and werent there to protect the flock😢
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