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Thanks Kathy! I've done some research based on responses. I think you're right. Some sort of worm seems probable, I'm just not sure which one. Everyone is healthy at least by appearances for now. Im going to do some deep cleaning in the coop. Will pulling some dirt out of the run and adding new cover help? And then I need to figure out which worming meds to use. I've read so many different opinions so I'm not sure where to even begin. If there's a thread that already covers this is love a link! Thanks!

My brain is mush now, so I will try to put together some info tomorrow.



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Ok, we've dug up some of the dirt in the run to replace it.  We had straw in the coop over the winter, which they would always kick out the door.  I didn't realize that instead of composting into the run's dirt like I had assumed, instead it was rotting under a thin layer of dirt. It was really, really gross.  I looked it up and as far as composting, that's normal- it was just too moist and not getting air.  I don't know what kind of icky stuff that would invite into the dirt though.  Would that cause worms?    We moved the run away from the gross area so the chickens aren't on that dirt anymore. 


We've switched to a feeder that keeps the food in the feeder and to a continuous flow waterer.  I got DE and fresh bedding for the coop, so tomorrow we're going to clean it out.  I didn't know what kind of wormer to buy, or how to buy it.  There's so much to navigate online and so many different opinions.  I got Wazine b/c that's what they had at the local feed store.  Is that going to cover it, or do we need to do something more, or something else?  


I'm going to deworm the little guys too since we have no choice but to put them all together.  


I did find some fresh droppings and they all looked normal.  There were a few cecal poops that made me wonder if they were blackhead, but I haven't seen anymore and all the big girls still look fine and healthy.  

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