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please help with baby chick

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i have 6 baby  chicks 3 black and 3 white  one of my white chicks is sneezing  and coughing  and can't breath  the other chicks are very active  it is not hot where i am at  there is  food and water

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So, do you want any help or not? I'm not sure why you made your second post unless you lost the chick. It can take time for someone to see your post to help. Some who read posts may not feel comfortable enough to answer on the forum.
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it was all ready late lost the chick :hit

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Sorry for your loss. If you see any symptoms in any of the others you may want to purchase some oxytetracycline in a packet to add to the water. That can treats symptoms of bacterial and mycoplasmal respiratory diseases.
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i was going to do oxytetracycline this evening

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Oxytetracycline is normally given in the water for 7 straight days. Depending on the brand dosage may be around 1 1/2 TB per gallon of water. Plain yogurt or probiotics can be given during and after treatment. Good luck.
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