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Help! Chick born too early?!

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I'm not exactly sure how I can help my baby! I really don't want to cull him. I've tried mixing water in with vitamins and dipping beak in food. He can't stand on his own, just lays there and has a very loud chirp. Anyway I can save him? I feel so guilty.
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Hi welcome-byc.gif

How long has he been out of the shell? Has he absorbed all the yolk? How early is early?
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About 24 hours old and 2 days early. He did absorb the yolk
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Dry and fluffy now? Incubator or broody hen hatched?

Did you help or did he hatch in his own?

Keep him warm and keep trying the food and dipping his beak in the water. At 24 hours old he will still be living on the yolk he absorbed. Mine dont come out of the incubator untill at least 24 hours after they hatch. They don't always start eating and drinking then but need more encouraging.
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