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Peahen is sick[poop picture included]

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Hey guys,


I have a bit of a problem with my 2 lovely 9 months old peahens ( they live in a pen outside - separated but close to my chickens).

On Saturday I noticed one of them(peahen 1) feeling a bit down and sneezing. When on Sunday and Monday morning she did not improve I went ahead and gave her and her sister 

1 pill of  GaliProtect C(medicine for birds found in Romania) which contains:  Oxytetracycline chlorhydrate 12 mg/120 mg; Colistin sulfate 5 mg/120 mg;.


Monday: 1 Pill of :  Oxytetracycline chlorhydrate 12 mg/120 mg; Colistin sulfate 5 mg/120 mg;.

Tuesday: 1 Pill of :  Oxytetracycline chlorhydrate 12 mg/120 mg; Colistin sulfate 5 mg/120 mg; . She didn't seem to be getting worse

Wednesday: 2 pills of Oxytetracycline chlorhydrate 12 mg/120 mg; Colistin sulfate 5 mg/120 mg; 


Today I noticed that peahen 1 got a lot better, but peahen 2 which was fine until this morning looks sick. Peahen 2 refused to eat today - i bring them treats ( parsley, boiled egg, strawberries from my garden) - and I noticed she was sitting in her shed. She came to check the treats out but she refused to touch any of them. The previous day she ate some boiled egg when i brought the treats over.


Spending some time with them I was able to see her poop. Its bright green. I got a bit worried and I remembered seeing a similar color in the poop post and it said it was Cocci infection.

Late this evening I gave them a medicine called Coccistop (Sulfaquinoxaline 8 mg  Vitamin K3 16 mg Vitamin C 40 mg - dosages are according to their weight ). 

Peahen 2 drank some water after the pill I gave her but she did not touch any food. Peahen 1 seems fine. The 1+ yeard old peacock living with them seems fine and didnt and doesn't have any symptoms.


Her symptoms are:

- lack of appetite

- sitting in the shed most of the day

- her wings are left hanging a bit



Any idea what could cause these symptoms? Has anyone had similar symptoms ? I am very worried for her!  


Short history of vaccines  and deworming


Vaccinated against :NEWCASTLE,Avian Infectious Bursitis, Cholera 
Deworming: 15th March with Albendazol 25 mg/250 mg; Avermectina B1 1 mg/250 mg
Once per month(last time on the 15th of April) I give them the following for 5 days in their food (recommended by a vetenarian ):
 Metronidazol 10 g/100 g; Oxytetracycline hidrocloric 6 g/100 g; Furazolidone 2 g/100 g; bismuth subnitrate 2 g/100 g;
 (mixed according to the indications on the pack)

In March I received a new male peacock which is one year old. After 3 weeks in which i kept him in quarantine and vaccinated and dewormed him I intorduced him to my peahens. He does not have any symptoms.

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I've never seen poop like that, but I've also never had cocci.  If hen #1 still is better, I would treat hen #2 the same, and keep a close eye on them all.  Hopefully someone else with experience with disease will see you post.  Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.

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Im not being funny but I had a peahen gobble down a now and later (taffy) and its poo was very similar to that, got any kids?

Gerald Barker
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No I dont have any kids. The poop is everywhere this morning, she doesnt seem any worse but not better either. She only once pecked at the egg I gave her. I had to force feed a bit of egg so I could give her the cocci treatment again.
She is drinking water though.

I am worried this green poop could be caused by something in the water. Maybe algae? I have a well in my yard from which I extract water( untreated with salts clorine or any other things). I have been using this well for years for my chickens but they never seemed to have any issues. I will try changing the water as well.
I am out of ideas and treatments.

Any suggestions are very apreciated.
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Here is a picture of her this morning. As you can see the poop is everywhere where she was standing this morning and at night.

The color is so intensely green I am honestly considering that she ate somethig she shouldnt have. But with restricted acces to them from any side( including above) I am unsure what may have caused the problem.
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@casportpony is the resident expert for everything peahen, I'll be interested to see what she thinks.

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Any fresh grass clippings where the hens could reach them?  Could she have been eating other vegetation?  I'm wondering if she gorged herself on green stuff?

-- The Accidental Peahen
-- The Accidental Peahen
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I went through this not long ago... Crazy bright green poop everywhere! Had fecal done and the vet found some clostridia and lots of what could have been giardia or histomoniasis, he didn't know. Treatment for all three is metronidazole, so that's what we did. Vet also suggested that I give Baytril and subcutaneous fluids. Because I'm paranoid, I also treated for coccidiosis and worms.

Your hen looks quite ill, so would be best if you could get her to a vet.

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@ralgal, how is your hen doing?  Hoping she is better!  :fl

-- The Accidental Peahen
-- The Accidental Peahen
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Sorry for the late reply!
Taking your advice I called a few vets and asked them if they will take a look at my peahen and analyze her poop. I took her yesterday afternoon when she wasn't freling better.
He inspected and microsocped her poop and told me there are no parasites or parasite eggs in her sample. He told me I should give her the following treatment( some of it is human medication) :
1. Furazolidona - a quarter of a human 100mg pill x 2 per/day
2. Tontil - 2 ml x 2 times/day
3. Viusid - a quarter of an envelope combined with a bit of water per day.

I returned home and started her evening treatment at about 6 PM. She seemed weaker than ever because she hasnt eaten in days. After making sure she swallowed all the medicine I let her sit in her shed for 2 hours. At 8 Pm i came over and checked on her. I tried feeding her some bread and it worked. She ate a bit of that! I am very happy!
I hope tomorrow she will be eating normally again.
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