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Question about humidity

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I live in Arkansas and it is very humid. Even with no water in my incubator the humidity keeps jumping into the 60s. I've tried unplugging the little plugs, plugging them back in. Doesn't really matter. What will happen if I can't keep the humidity lower? Will this mess with their air sac?They are on day 7 of incubation.  Also, I have a few of my shipped Welsummer eggs that have a saddle shaped air sac. Any tips on what I should do differently for those?


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If your hygrometer is reading correctly you could add some dry, un cooked rice to the incubator to try and absorb some of the excess moisture. Running at 60% + during incubation could cause your air cells to not grow adequately large enough. Not growing large enough could cause the chick to drown on internal pip. I would keep all the plugs out too.

As for shipped eggs, if they are wonky air cells you can hatch them in cut down egg cartons. I've found this to be very helpful with wonky air cells.

Good luck with your hatch fl.gif
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