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Chick zippering lengthwise

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Hello everyone,
I have 6 of 7 pheasants hatched. The last one was rolled around by the other chicks. I removed the others This morning. The last egg has pipped but is zippering lengthwise. It is 6:30 pm and it hasn't made much progress in the past 6 hours or so. It beak is 'breathing' and I can see small movements.
I read up on helping out, but understand that this is a last choice thing. Is it really ok to keep waiting? I read as long as he has air, he is ok. Do I really just wait?
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Yep, just wait. I'm guessing it's not zipping length ways but as its moved in the egg that part of the shell has got pushed off.

How long has it been externally pipped?
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