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Ducks! Heelp!!

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I know this is a chickens website, but I figured some of you had to know about ducks too!!!

We just got 12 eggs, of an unknown breed, in already having been incubated for a week. I was wondering if someone could correct me if my information is wrong and maybe give me some tips on how to raise and incubate them! big_smile.png

From what I have read, ducks are similar to chickens in hatching, right? They need about the same temperature and humidity, and need to be turned three times a day. i think it will take about 28 more days until hatching, the farmer said. I don't really trust him though because he didn't even know what breed they were. I don't really know how long they should be incubated for... (Help!) When do I stop turning and when should I expect hatching?

This is the incubator:

Should I take out the holder and put a towel down, laying the eggs on their sides even though they have been incubating facing up and down like that for a week? When I stop turning them should I do it then? I hand turn them, so far I have just been flipping them over- is this right?

Please help, I really appreciate it!!

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I realized there is a ducks forum so I'm going to post it there too. I'm sorry if that's against the rules sad.png If anyone here can help please still do! smile.png
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