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Please help. I just gave my chicken and roster a injection of tylan 50. Now it seems like they are gasping for air and is about to die
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Welcome to BYC. I am sorry to hear about your chickens. How did you give the injections? Tylan50 is normally injected into the breast muscle 1/4 inch. Many people give Tylan injectable ORALLY to prevent problems. How are the chickens doing at this time?
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I injected in the back of her back. In between where her wings meet..her symptons immediately got worst..matter of fact it seems her weezing was gone until I gave the antibiotic shot. And right now I can still here the weezing just not as bad
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Tylan is meant to be injected into a muscle. Some do give shots under the skin in the back of the neck, but I would probably just give it orally from now on.
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