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My chicks keep attacking one another . Out of the blue , what do I do ???
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How old are they? Pecking each other is natural behaivour as they sort the pecking order out. They are establishing where they all fit in that order.
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I believe they are about 4 1/2 maybe 5 weeks old . I added another perch into their indoor crate and they stopped . Do I just let them do there thing ?
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Yeah, if it's not really bad and they are not drawing blood they will be fine. If its just general pecking they will be ok big_smile.png

Giving them more space can really help too. I have mine outside by four weeks so they can stretch their wings and stay entertained. Being bunched up can cause excessive aggressive behaivour.
How big is the space they are in now?

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It's a medium size dog crate . They seemed fine until this evening when they started going at it . I'm pretty sure I know which one started it . My husband is building their coop on Friday , so I just have to figure out something in the mean time . I asked before putting them in the crate if it would be enough room , I would have found a large crate instead .
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