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Can chickens get Bell's palsy?

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I have an almost 1 year old Salmon Faverolle named Matilda who has developed a droopy eyelid over the last week. It is just her left top eyelid that is slightly more closed than the right side. There is no discharge from the eye or redness. She is eating and laying normally. Also I noticed that the feather on her head or puffed up only on one side of her comb. I can't find anything online to explain this. The closest thing I can think of in humans is Bell's palsy. Has anyone ever run into anything similar and did you do any treatment?? Thanks for any help!!
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Welcome to BYC. We love to see pictures if that is possible. Is she having any eye or nasal drainage, or any sneezing or gasping?
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No drainage, no sneezing or gasping. Really acting very normal. I will try to get a good picture when I get home tonight. Thanks for the help!
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The first pic is her fluffed up feather on her left side of her comb. The second shows the eye that is droopy. The last pic shows the normal eye. Does anyone know what is wrong with her?
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Sorry they didn't upload correctly.
Ps- don't mind the mud under her chin. It's been raining here a lot!
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She could have an eye infection or have been pecked around the eye. You can put Terramycin ointment or Vetericyn eye gel from the feed store, or just put some plain Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment into her eye twice a day. If you see any pus or crusts, then clean those out with saline and cotton. Look for any foreign body in the eye. If she develops symptoms of a respiratory disease, then putting her on some oxytetracycline in her water for 7 days may be needed, but hopefully, it is just something with her eye. Here is a good link about the common respiratory diseases such as MG and coryza with symptoms:

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Thank you eggcessive! I will go get some eye gel today!
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