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Broken tendon?

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I have a 2 week old barred rock that I noticed limping yesterday. She won't use her left leg and uses her wing as a crutch to get to food. I've felt her legs to see if it's a slipped tendon but it's hard to tell. It almost feels like there's no tendon there at all but I really can't tell. But I'm not sure what to do!

You can tell she's in pain because when's she's laying down she shakes. sad.png it's breaking my heart.

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Leg bone deformities are common in chicks. Slipped tendon is probably overused to describe some of these, including valgus deformity. 

They are very hard to successfully treat. They typically get worse with age, but it is definitely worth trying to fix. Some raise these chicks with extra TLC, and sometimes keep them safe with another one or two birds in a small pen. Here is a good help site for fixing a slipped tendon, and some reading about leg bone deformities:

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Just in case anyone is curious. This healed beautifully and "hope" is just as spunky as the rest! I just let her be and watched very very closely.
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