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Hey y'all

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I've been raising chickens about 3 years now. This year is the first that I've tried incubating and I'm having a wonderful time learning things. I have tons of interests and hobbies and not all related to chickens. I crochet, knit, read, garden and play a few video games. In addition to my small mixed flock of feather babies, I also have a "herd" of cats (8) and 2 dogs.


I'm a stay at home wife and my husband runs a landscaping business. I look forward to getting to know y'all.


Lots of love.

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Hi! I'm a new member and we have been raising chickens since last November (thats when we hatched Din-Din, our Black Copper Marans. I love her). Oh, and I just wanted to say that the chicken in my avater is not one of ours. I got it off the web(I tried uploading a picture of ours, but I couldn't find the file...:( The one in the picture looks exactly like her exept for the eyes.:P Din-Din's eyes are dark brown.

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also, we have 6 chicks:jumpy. and Din-Din laid her 9th egg yesterday...:cd the chicks are about 3 months old.

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Welcome to Backyard chickens  - hope your  'herd' of cats  isn't interested in your flock of chickens.

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                                         Please visit  "Current Movies - Thumbs UP or Thumbs DOWN"pop.gif

                                                           Movie  reviews    & comments -   welcome                                                 

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And if they are let me know! If have rather alot of experience keeping farmcats away from my chicks...something I have had to learn the hard way hmm.png
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Actually, they don't bother with the chickens. The cats mostly hang out in the garage/penned in area attached to it. Had one that was super interested in the incubator, from the time we plugged it in until hatching. Not really messing with it, just laying on it and watching through the windows. Only conflict we have with our animals is that our lab/dalmation/whippet pup hates the rooster. The hens are fine and he ignores them, but if the rooster gets out into the rest of the yard, he'll be done for.



Thanks y'all for such a warm welcome. :)

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1 of our cats was raised with chickens so she's used to them(and scared of them ever since one of our  chickens pecked her on the nose)

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lol we live in a neighborhood thtas not supposed to have farm animals but really they are pets

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