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Birds Gasping and squeaking!!!!

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Okay, so I have a group of 3-4 week old birds, and so far have lost 4 or 5 birds that have done this. I find them throwing their head back and squeak as they open their beak. I've had necropsy's done, and the only conclusion is that they starved to death. No coccidia, or Gape Worms. This bird died about 5 minutes after this video was taken. I assume some type of CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease), but have treated with Enerofloxin and Tetracycline Powder and it doesn't seem to help at all. I am so lost as to what's going on, and how to fix it. Any advice is appreciated!!
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Any assistance on how to upload the video would also be appreciated!
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It will not let me see the video :hu

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Try now!!
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Y'all anything is appreciated!!
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Sorry for your loss, pretty distressing video.  Since you had a necropsy & nothing was found, it's pretty baffling.  Who says they starved?  Did their crops have anything in it?  Have they been eating, drinking, pooping?  What are you feeding?  Could they have gotten into some kind of poison?  Hopefully someone with more experience will peep in soon.

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My vet who did the necropsy said they were starved because he said he found nothing in the entire GI tract, so no on the crop. Not possible for poison as they are still in a coop with a little run outside. Fresh grass and water everyday. They have access to full feed. They are on a 20% chick starter milled at the local feed store. After the onset of symptoms, the next day they are like this. This bird in this video felt normal, no weight loss. But the other ones there was severe weight loss. The weather has been just fine, but they also have added heat lamps than they can get away from.
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I'm sorry for your loss. I wish I had some answers. I hope you get some answers soon.
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Bump. Still wondering about this!!
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